The Assembler!

The Assembler! The story of how I embarked on a journey of informatics and “putting thingies together”.


It all started because I needed a new machine for video editing which would perform better than what I had. I had been a mac user for many moons - in fact the last PC I owned was running windows ‘98 - but I felt a tower would be the best choice for me now as it would be easier to keep the hardware up to date. 

I felt I needed the right help to get through this new adventure. What I had in mind were: a mighty warrior in a shiny armour, a wise and erudite sorcerer in a purple cloak and a golden magic sword with celtic inscriptions. So… I skyped the geeker between my friends, I opened chrome and I bought a set of cheap screwdrivers.

Assembling the computer was really good fun. Fun but not free of obstacles as I had an epic fight with the RAM. When you come from the apple world you are used to RAMs slotting into place very delicately so I didn’t do the necessary finger training to be able to shove the slots into place. I was nevertheless victorious thanks to my geek ally and his supernatural strong hands.

Notes about the pics:

- Be nice and ignore my outfit. When you’re in your living room and it’s Sunday anything goes :)

- This is I think the first time I see my “focused” expression on photo and I find it hilarious. I had no idea I could look so serious.

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