erika iesse | editor

Change of Heart @ CapeTown Film Festival

Exciting times!

The documentary I worked on between June and July has been selected for the Cape Town Film Festival and will be screening in a couple of weeks on the big screen. 

In “Change of Heart: the Operation that Changed the World” the daughter of Dr. Marius Barnard, Naudene Leisegang, travels to the hometown of the Barnard brothers to illustrate the defining moments of their upbringing and tracks down the surviving members of the operating team to bring to life the story of the Operation that Changed the World. Using exclusive interviews and archive footage, this film pays homage to the Barnard Brothers and those involved in the transplant to commemorate the 50th anniversary and to give consideration to the influence it had on the future of medicine.

Directed by Naudene Leisegang

Produced by African Film Company

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