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First thing to say.

Welcome to my small corner in the interweb.

How Exciting!

As you might have guessed the space is a work in progress; loads of space for the moment but hopefully also loads of progress soon. So please come back in a couple of weeks and you will be able to watch some of the things I have being editing lately.

For the moment thanks for checking my page out. Talk soon.


14th Istanbul Biennal SALTWATER “The Most Beautiful of All Mothers” by Adriàn Villar Rojas. Site-specific installation, organic and inorganic materials.

The picture above is not a portrait of myself and it really has little to do with work. I took it not far from Istanbul last Autumn. The photo itself is nothing special but the installation - “The Most Beautiful of All Mothers” by Adriàn Villar Rojas - is one of the best work of art I have seen in 2015. I thought I should share it with you :)

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