erika iesse | editor

The Charm of B&W

It seems that with every project I edit I end up picking up a small obsession. Usually these are just temporary (fossils, rugby, oatcakes…) but sometimes they last longer like my love for whisky and sailors.

When working on the music video for “There She Is” by Be Like Pablo I got obsessed with the black and white film that the band are watching in one of the scenes. The Chase (1946), directed by Arthur Ripley, is a noir with an unusual plot and a sequence of contrived dialogues. What made fell in love with it were the nice composition and framing (definitely enhanced by the monochrome) and the long dramatic pauses. My very favourite shot, which didn’t make the selection for the music video, is at 34 minutes: a very static shot of the actress comes to life thanks to a highly artificial game of shadows.

And below is the music video.

THERE SHE IS by Be Like Pablo

Andrei Staruiala - Director
Roisin Kelly - Producer
Steve Cardno - Director of Photography
Sefa Ucbas - Assistant Camera
Emily Millar - Make-up Artist
Naomi Baxter-Moore - Pickups Make-p Artist
Erika Iesse - Editor
Andrei Staruiala - Colourist and Visual Effects
Isabelle Gilbert and Andrew Donaldson - Additional Visual Effects

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